Our Mission

… is to provide the best possible tools for magazines to build their community (tribe) and run their business online.

The Story

In late 2015 three friends sat down and started to think how they could make a great vision come to life – the vision of a platform designed to help authors on their journey from a never-heard writer to a self-published author with a tribe of devoted fans.

We quickly realized the platform must be based on the idea of tribe building. Using tools such as email marketing, a blog and members-only content, it would be easy for the authors to build a devoted audience, while they are writing their first book.

By the time we got our product ready, we realized something curious.. our customers were magazines instead of authors.

That’s when we knew that we were actually building a product for a much wider audience than authors – our product was for magazines and news agencies wanting to get their content out in the wild!

That’s were it all began. Who knows what is yet to come!?

Our Team

Magnet Platform is built by a team of three creatives from Finland with a strong background in publishing, online marketing, and working with WordPress.

Jarkko Laine @jalaine
Lauri Laine @laurilaine
Joona Nuutinen @unzyme