Online Presence

Building your online presence is the first piece of the puzzle.

Magnet Platform makes this easy for you with its beautiful and professional looking themes, designed with magazines in mind to let your content shine.

  • Good looking themes, made for magazines.
  • The most powerful content publishing tools.
  • Social media widgets and buttons to make your page more shareable by your readers.

Tribe Building

Building your tribe of like-minded fans and customers — your community, should be at the core of your magazine business.

Finding a new customer costs 5 to 10 times more (on average) than keeping an existing one. That’s why you need more than a pretty shopping cart: you need tools for retaining your customers and turning them into repeat purchasers.

To help you foster community, Magnet Platform offers a set of tools that will make your fans feel special:

  • Membership levels (free or paid) and member-only content to help you make your fans feel valued.
  • Discussion forums where your tribe members can feel the joy of belonging.
  • Event calendar for informing your tribe of upcoming events, such as webinars or meetups.

Digital Publishing

Magnet Platform is built on top of the world’s most loved publishing platform, WordPress.

This gives you the most advanced online publishing tools available today. And it means that Magnet Platform will never take your content as hostage. What you create is yours, and all the data collected by Magnet Platform can be exported in one click.

  • Easily publish any content you like; articles, image galleries, e-books, videos and more..
  • Intuitive content editing.
  • SEO tools to promote your content in search engines like Google.
  • Fully compatible with any standard WordPress sites. Import/export your content between Magnet Platform and any other WordPress based sites.

Selling Online

We think there shouldn’t be any separation between a website and an online store. They are essentially the same, as is the case with a coffee shop and a café.

When your customer lands on a page describing the latest issue of your magazine, he will be able to purchase it on the spot without ever leaving your site — or even moving to a separate “shop” section.

Magnet Platform has unique e-commerce features built for magazines that will make the experience more enjoyable for your customer, and more profitable for you.

  • Integrated e-commerce. Product catalogs, shopping cart and checkout with online payments right on your own site.
  • Sell any kind of digital products, such as e-books, video lessons, online tools or even software.
  • Sell your physical products with price variations and options, with all the details taken care for you (stock handling, shipping costs, VAT and more).
  • Sell intangible products like events and courses.