How it works

You’re just 4 steps away from kickstarting your online business.

Here’s how…

Choose and customize a template

You start by deciding how your website looks like. We’ve hand-crafted our themes with publishers in mind to let your content shine. Every business is different and so is the requirements for their website. That’s why our themes are highly customizable.

Add your content

Once your website looks like yours, you can add content pages, news articles, blogs and PDF magazines. With the worlds most popular content publishing platform, WordPress, it’s fast and easy.

Publish your site

Once everything is ready, choose your own domain name and publish your site.
Now your content is reachable from all around the world.

Magnet Platform and our support team guides you by the hand to unleash the correct advertising channels and enable your readers to find you from the internet.

Start selling your content

Once you have enough readers and traffic to your site, you can start selling premium content eg. magazine issues to your readers – directly from your own website.