New Feature: Discount Codes

Upon popular request, in the latest update, we decided to add discount codes to Magnet Platform.

Here’s how you can use them.

To add (or edit) discount codes, navigate to Products > Discount Codes in your Magnet Platform admin area.

Discount Codes

On the right side, you’ll find a list of all your existing discount codes, and on the left, a menu for adding new ones.

When defining a discount code, you have the following options:

Add Discount Code

  • Code: The discount code your customers will use to get this discount
  • Type: The discount code type (Fixed or Percentage)
  • Discount Amount: How much the cart contents should be discounted when the customer uses the code. If the discount type is fixed, this is money value. If the discount type is percentage, a percentage.
  • Limit to Product Categories: If you like, you can use the checkboxes to only apply the discount code to products from specific categories, for example if you want to only discount your books but not your courses — or vice versa.
  • Limit to Cart Total: If you like, you can specify a minimum cart total before the discount kicks in. For example: “$15 off when your cart total exceeds $50.”
  • Description: A description for the discount code. This is shown to the customer when he/she applies the code to the shopping cart.
  • Valid (From / Until): Optionally, you can specify a time frame for when the code is available. If you leave these empty, the code will be available indefinitely.

Your customers will apply the discount code either through the shopping cart or using a special URL, YOURSITE/cart/coupon/THECODE.

To test applying a discount code from the customer’s point of view, visit our demo site and use the coupon code test-code to get 25% off the cart total.

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