New Magnet Platform Course Features



  • Creating and editing courses, organizing them into lessons. Each course also has a welcome page for introducing the course and its objectives to the participant.
  • Lessons can be modified, removed and rearranged (drag and drop).
  • A lesson is a WordPress post type, meaning that it’s easy to edit the content, embed videos, add links, etc. Videos can be hosted for example on YouTube or Vimeo as hidden.
  • Participants see a progress meter of how far they are in the course, and can mark a lesson completed.
  • Participants can navigate the course step by step from one lesson to next / previous, or using a “table of contents” view to jump directly to a given lesson.
  • Commenting on lessons.
  • Selling / buying courses through web store. Accessing your purchased courses through your account page.

Work in Progress

  • Organizing lessons inside courses into modules.
  • Optional Quizzes at the end of a lesson / module that need to be completed before marking the lesson or module as completed.
  • Submitting answers to the final quizzes to course organizer to review manually. Personal feedback to course participant.
  • Discussion board (bbPress) integration: a course can contain a forum, which allows deeper discussion between participants and the course organizer.

Wish list / Under consideration

  • Email updates about course progress (feature needs to be fleshed out a bit more)

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