New Feature: Customer Notes

If you’ve ever wanted to write notes about your customers (such as what they last requested via email, or when they celebrate their birthdays), today is your lucky day. In today’s Magnet Platform release, we added a new feature which we call simply Customer Notes.

The following screen capture shows the functionality in action:

  • You can add as many notes to any of your customers as you wish. They are all visible on the new single customer view, accessible by clicking on a customer’s name or email address anywhere in Magnet Platform’s admin dashboard.
  • You can edit notes.
  • You can delete notes.
  • You can also link notes to transactions. If you do this, the notes will be available through both the specific transaction and the customer information view.

Other changes included in this release:

  • New manual addition type: Invoice. When adding a product to a customer manually, admins can now choose to make them invoices for bookkeeping. In this case, products get a price and they are tracked just as regular purchases. Notice that this is not a complete invoicing feature yet.
  • Logged in customers can now verify and edit their billing information on the checkout page.
  • After saving a product on the admin dashboard, the product information meta box opens showing the same version tab as before saving, to make it easier to continue working where you left off.
  • A product version’s name can now be modified also when there is only one version in the product.
  • A product’s general description is also stored in the WordPress post excerpt field.
    This can be useful for theme developers.

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