Kamera-lehti is the leading photography magazine in Finland. The subscribers of the magazine get an access to exclusive content on their website, which is powered by Magnet Platform. Readers can choose between the printed version of the magazine or the online-only subscription. Reader experience is optimized for mobile devices, but as camera enthusiasts often prefer bigger screens, the desktop version also looks fantastic.

Kamera-lehti uses Magnet Platform to sell online and offline photography courses, books, subscriptions, yearly sets of magazines and other products.

Advertising is also handled via Magnet Platform. Advertisers have many ad slots to choose from – in-article ads, sidebar ads, front page ads, header ads, footer ads and mobile-only ads. New ad placements can be created easily.


AVPlus is the Finnish news source for innovations in home electronics, hifi audio and mobile devices. In addition to the printed magazine, AVPlus has a thriving online community, weekly newsletter and is the preferred site for many tech advertisers.

Bread Magazine

The needs of Bread Magazine ignited the development of Magnet Platform, and still continues to be one of the biggest sources of new ideas. Bread Magazine is an online magazine for people who like to bake bread.